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Why Buy From Perfski


Core Values: Treat people like you want to be treated and deserve to be treatedOffer our customers the best watersports and wintersports products at great prices with uncompromising customer service before, during and after the sale.  Our Goal by doing this:  If we do our job well, we can improve the quality of our customer’s lives.

People:  A staff made up of enthusiasts who are passionate about the products we sell, have the best product knowledge, and work to make sure our customers have the right gear for their needs and to improve the quality of their lives.

Listen:  You learn by listening.  Whether its pro athletes, coaches, manufacturers, or customers…we learn from what the end users tell us and demand from the products we sell.  We don’t just sell a product because it's a fad, we sell products because they work.  Part of knowing what works comes from being great “listeners”.

Experience:  There is no substitute for using the products you sell.  Our staff, outside being one of the best trained staffs in the industry, also tests and uses the gear we sell.  This allows them to truly know how things work and have the experience to help you select the best products for YOUR needs.  You can buy with confidence knowing you are working with sales people who truly are experienced using the gear we sell. 

Commitment:   We are committed to improving your time both on and off the water.  We do this by giving you the information you need to select the right product.  Make sure it is setup right for your needs when it leaves the store.   Follow-up and make sure the product meets your expectations both now and in the future and resolve any issues or questions you have.  If we do our job well you will have a great time using the products you purchase from us!

Selection:  The widest and best assortment of products in the watersports industry!  We offer one of the worlds best selection of equipment from the industries leading brands all year round.   Our 365 day commitment to our customers helps ensure that we have what you need, when you need it, and if we don’t, we work to help overcome this.

Service:  As a consumer we are amazed by the lack of quality customer service in today’s retail world.  Because of this, we are more focused than ever to try to exceed you expectations for us and adhere to the idea of “treat people like you want to be treated and they’ll be customers for life”.  That's our goal and we are focused on having customers who like what we do, associate with us as ‘more than a store’, and want to be a part of the Performance Family and our passion for the sports we do!

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