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Regular Price: $2,439.97

Sale Price $2,073.97

The lightest most reactive and technical core foam on the market…….
Introducing the all new 2017 Radar Vapor ProBuild Construction with PMI core!

Our newest Vapor and its construction challenged us to take all we know about ski building and push it to the next level!  PMI Foam IS  the next generation of lightweight reactive core foam available for the first time in this years 2017 Radar Vapor Pro Build. 
PMI Foam is one of the most sought after materials used by the aerospace industry because of its properties that allow it to be shaped and thermoformed like any other foam on the market.  In our testing, we found that PMI is more rigid than basic PVC foam (simplifying the layup process of new skis) and much more reactive (allowing skis to have unmatched rebound characteristics and acceleration).  Another major benefit our skiers and R& D teamed learned about PMI was that offers so much more feel and forgiveness on the water, which is something PVC as a core material simply didn’t provide the skier.  Another real benefit of PMI is unmatched durabilty!  In our tests, PMI displayed minimal structural fatigue after extended use by our team and longevity cycle testing as compared to PVC.  For you the ski this is ensures you get a ski that not only performs better, but will last longer, ski stronger and allow you to take your skiing to new levels.   The bottom line is that the new 2017 Radar Vapor Pro Build sets the new standard by which all tournament waterskis will be measured and that competitive skiers have demanded.

AVAILABLE IN: 63.5” / 65” / 66” / 67” / 68” / 69.5”
From the time you pull away from the wakes, The New Vapor is smoother and more predictable than its predecessor.
She was already the fastest and best in the business at direction off the second wake. The goal in redesign was to create a platform suitable for a turn from any body position. It’s the most efficient and easy to ride platform we’ve ever created. The fastest ski on the water is now guaranteed to rip turns at first input.
What You’ll Feel
SPEED, FEEL, FORGIVENESSS & DURABILITY The all new PRO BUILD’s PMI Core is a game changer.  Blending PMI with with Textreme® and Innegra with a proven shape that has changed the ski industry makes for a ski that simply is the finest ski on the market.   
*PMI CORE:  The Most advanced core on the market
* Textreme Woven Carbon:  100% Carbon Weave Laminates
* Torsional Stabilty Carbon Layering
* Innegra – For enhanced dampening and durabilty
Innegra is an exclusive Radar partnership, now used in Lithium Vapor to reduce vibration caused by the PVC/
carbon build. It is used from the front foot forward, vastly improving energy dispersion in the tip, allowing for only the
information you send the ski to affect the way it rides in the water. Say goodbye to tip chatter and vibration.
Textreme® is the manufacturer of type of carbon weave called spread toe. The carbon is formed into a tape rather than a rope found in conventional carbon fabrics. The tape produced is much thinner and has more material packed in the same area. This construction gives better mechanical performance plus a 20% weight reduction and 20% strength gain. By using Textreme®, with its thin layers, the maximum strength until breakage is more than twice as high, compared to conventional carbon fabrics. Textreme® contributed to victories in Tour de France, America’s
Cup and F1 races over the past year. Our exclusive partnership with Textreme® has taken the Vapor to another level.
The Back Of The Ski
A proven “on-edge” platform was designed by straightening the sidecut around the back foot. This gives the ski a consistent
attitude after edge change, keeping the tip up, holding speed and direction toward apex. At 12” from the tail the sidecut narrows and the rocker kicks up freeing the tail from early turn initiation and unnecessary tip pressure. The concave is also flat through the back of the fin allowing for increased slide through the finish of the on side turn.
The Front Of The Ski
We’re wider in the front. Wider parallel lines in the sidecut give the ski a stable place to run in the water on off side turns. Our newest concept now thins the sidewall, thinner than the middle of the ski, crowning the top surface. So although the ski design is wider, there is no additional resistance from the overall thickness of the ski. It rides in the water like a narrower ski while keeping the width to be the most stable turning off side ski ever on the water.  In addition, our forebody bevel design morphs infinitely into a hard edge in the tip of the ski. The further forward the water breaks, the more resistance you receive from Vapor.
The Rocker
In general terms, more rocker equals tighter turn radius. Too much rocker makes the ski a rocking chair, giving the skier nowhere to stand. The 2017 Pro Build Vapor rocker has an existing flat spot for a gas pedal for pushing away from the wakes and just enough to keep it auto centering. The rest of the rocker rises earlier with a big kick in the last 9”. It’s fast, nimble and initiates turns like it’s on rails.
What’s that thing in the bottom of the ski?
An edge-to-edge concave design is fastest, best off the second wake and finest for on side turning ability. We run that base from the wide spot of the ski back through the tail.  A railed base design creates lift and roll (because of the added mass) and feels great as an off side turner. It lets you roll forward on to the tip of the ski without penalty. We run this design from the wide spot forward to the tip of the ski.  The line across the bottom is simply that mass change. It’s truly the best hybrid base design, as it creates the best off side and on side turn all in one ski.


The Vapor Boot
Vapor Boot is all new for 2017 with an amazing new material called Carbitex to offer the ultimate in light weight, responsive fit.   When you mix this with our Boa Lacing system you have the most advanced, best fitting waterski boot on the market!!  This perennial favorite among our pro team continues to progress the boundaries of high end ski footwear.


• The glass filled nylon reel and high strength polyethylene lace are bombproof in all skiing conditions. Dial in your fit.
• The Original Hybrid Ski Boot now upgraded with Carbitex  - Reactive Wrap Construction.
• Dual Density Liner with Rigid Outer Foam
• Molded 3D Tongue
• Full Length Injected Orthotic Insole
• TPU Integrated Lace Cove
• PVC Free Construction

Lighter, Stronger, More Reactive

Our boot designs have always been focused on maintaining a solid line of communication between skier and ski, while never compromising on fit.  Our latest material technologies, Carbitex and Reactive Wrap, have augmented this ethos, which has become synonymous with our line of footwear.  The result is a remarkably improved line in both form and function. We have never been more excited for you to hit the water with a new pair of our boots and feel the difference.


Carbitex redefines technical performance in ski boots. Radar partnered with the American manufacturer, Carbitex, to create the future of high performance slalom footwear. A proprietary wet infusion process is utilized to penetrate carbon fiber with a multiple polymer system, optimizing the mechanical properties of this “CX6” composite. The resulting Carbitex Vapor boot is more responsive than a hard shell chassis due to the material’s low elongation and the soft shell creates an unparalleled fit. The CX6 panels on the boot are oriented on axis to maximize response independently from the cuff, forefoot, and toe box.  We have continued to progress the limits of materials technology to create the ultimate connection with your ski.

Reactive Wrap

An injected structural skeleton fused onto a base textile layer allows us to dictate the location and magnitude of energy that is driven into the ski from your lower appendages and improve the boots fit all at the same time.  Level 2 on the Profile is going to be a bit more responsive, while the Level 1 Reactive Wrap on a Vector or Lyric will extend your time on the water with just the right amount of give and take.

Vapor Boot Key Features:  
Pro Fit Chassis
The First Last To Last construction
True Fit Insoles
Optional Leverage Enhancement

Pro Fit Chasis
The Pro Fit Chassis is an asymmetrical race-ready fit designed to secure the foot into a solid position, creating a seamless connection to the ski as if it were an extension of you. It’s the optimal combination of support, stability and balance. Smooth flexibility from the articulating cuff plates gives easy knee movement fore and aft while the internal forefoot stabilizer plates send feedback into the ski.

Intuition Liners
Our exclusive partnership with Intuition gives you a heat moldable, lightweight, pre-formed fit like no other. Just heat our liners to 120 degrees Celsius at an Authorized Retailer for a custom fit unique to your foot. This custom fit is the standard for any type of performance footwear. Vapor liners were designed specifically for waterski use.
Support where it’s wanted and flexibility where it’s needed.

Double Lasting
The Vapor boot is still the only water ski boot that is double lasted to deliver a perfect connection between your foot, the liner and the shell. A last is the aluminum cavity we build to replicate the foot geometry, which determines the shape, size and overall fit of your footwear. Radar Ski Boots develop ski specific lasts designed around the way a skier stands one footin front of the other. Double lasting means we first form the liner on a last for correct fit and stance of a skier’s foot and leg. The second last shapes the shell and creates the perfect fit between both components. This creates a boot free from hot spots or dead air space.

Vapor Insoles
Vapor boots come with our signature insoles offering heel and arch support from the ergonomic orthotic heel cup and shank. Our custom design holds your foot in place during wake crossings and fast moving edge changes.

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