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The Quest 45 and the Helix H2

D3 has one primary goal for slalom ski design - build skis that are easy to ride and ultimately maximize your potential in the course. At the end of the day D3 skis are very forgiving and easy to ride, no surprises. Recognizing that everyone is unique and that we each have a different slalom style, D3 follows two parallel yet slightly different paths in slalom ski design.


The QUEST 45 comes from the Custom X, X5, X7 and Quest I, which all begin and end with a deep carving powerful ride. These skis have all featured larger bevels and moderate rocker patterns to produce a ride that screams stability. These skis love to be worked hard and work best with aggressive skier input. All of these skis feature incredible off side turns. The Quest 45 is the pinnacle of this design journey focusing on stability and predictability while still maintaining space before the buoy. Just ask world record holder Nate Smith.


The HELIX H2 comes from the Nomad, Z7, Fusion and Helix I, which are all hyper-focused on reduced effort, speed and course width. With the changes to speed control systems and the constant evolution of slalom technique, the search for an effortless, faster slalom design option began. The H2 bevels are designed to allow the ski to accelerate faster and create more space making you earlier into the next buoy. The H2 is the most precise and effortless ski we have ever produced. The nimble feeling the H2 delivers results in quicker turns that happen with minimal skier input and minimal edge pressure resulting in instant acceleration. Seth Stisher says it best, “The H2 is better than I ever imagined”.


The QUEST 45 and the HELIX H2 both use D3’s unique Quadaxial Technology which limits twist in the tail of the ski and enhances twist in the fore-body of the ski thus improving edge hold and resulting in an earlier line. The D3 ROCKERBLOCK is also standard with both skis.

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