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Regular Price: $529.99

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When our shaper, Jimmy Redmon started the DOSE project with Shane and Watson, the goal was to create the ultimate All Terrain board. There were characteristics they both wanted the board to have yet there were plenty of differences the two were looking for. 

Shane, being the rail master, wanted his board to be a little bit more flexible throughout, especially on the tips.  He wanted to keep the center clean, without any edge channels to hang up on the rails.  To create the softer flex, the top of Shane’s board was designed with minimal geometry between the feet.  In addition to keeping the center simple, we thinned out the tips a bit more on his version of the DOSE and using Liquid Rail, created 3 responsive flex zones off the nose and tail.  These tweaks give Shane’s board a very sensitive feel on rails and a fun, buttery feel off the wake. Shane prefers to ride the board finless at the park, but when he’s riding behind the boat, he’ll pop on the quad fins that are provided to gain a bit more control so he can have a super fun and playful board off the wake.

When the dust settled and Watson’s version of the DOSE was revealed, his was considered to be much more comfortable behind the boat than Shane’s, yet still ready to provide tons of fun at the park.  Watson’s board comes with his customary edge channels to give a bit more bite when edging into the wake, as well as some extra molded side fins to combine with the attachable quad fins for supreme hold.  His board also comes with the 3 flex zones created by the Liquid Rail, but his are a bit longer and the tips of his board are a bit thicker to give more stiffness where needed.  An elongated X pattern geometry is forged into the top of the board to create a more rigid feel than Shane’s for that positive snap feel off the wake that Watson is looking for.

If you’re looking for a board that will let you ride wherever you want and however you want, there’s a DOSE for your perfect prescription.  If you ride in all terrains but spend more time in the park, Shane’s is likely the one for you.  If you spend a bit more time behind the boat, Watson’s might be the perfect choice for you.

DOSE SHANE“An All-Terrain Beast that dominates the park and brings a fun, buttery feel to the wake!”

Full Wood Profiled Core
“Vector Net”
Pro Glass Layup
LF Slider Quad Fin Setup
LF Exclusive GRIND Base
LF Exclusive Liquid Rail
Concaved Beveled Rail
Blunted Square Tail
Single Concave through Center
Triple Concave exiting tail
Flex rating of 7
Performance of 7-10

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