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Introducing the all new D3 NRG Slalom…..a totally new vision for a slalom ski…

So whats the story on this new ski? 
That's the first question we ask and are asked by our customers.….What makes this ski different?  Why should I buy one?

First:  The Facts….

The new NRG is not an ARC, not a Quest, not a Helix, not a Fusion, not a Z7….this ski is unlike anything D3 has ever created and breaks new ground both in design and construction.  When D3’s Design team started this process they started with the simple premise that “Skier styles can and do vary Greatly.  Our goal as a ski company is to offer skis that work for YOUR specific style and technique.”  For years, skiers have requested a ski better suited to a middle-to back style of ski.  One that is effortless to turn, develops a powerful cross course feel and remains stable at all times.  With the New NRG series, D3 has created just this ski.   The NRG was and is designed for skiers who may have tried a D3 in past but ended up on other brands as they wanted more of a neutral to back feel.  So how did D3 Accomplish this? 

What new features does the NRG have?
*   A Completely new rocker profile. Creating a natural turning radius that builds maximum angle and space.
*   Its wider in the fore-body and narrower in the tail and built specifically for short line skiing
*   It has an all new, high volume, edge to edge concave. This deep tunnel offers unmatched edge hold power at everyone point behind the boat.
*   It features our time tested and world famous D3 bevels which instantly provide the skier with the familiar and stable feel they skiers have always loved!
*   All new firm flex pattern that is designed to offer a ultra smooth tip to tail flex on the ski.  This creates speed in and out of the turn and a consistent, predictable turning radius.
*   An all new unique tunnel design that instantly helps the skier feel connected to the ski and allows you to feel centered and stay centered in the middlle of the ski even at the shortest of line lengths.

Now is the time for skiers to feel the eNeRGy and true connection they will learn to love on our new ski

NRG BLUE – 64”, 65”, 66”, 67” & 68”
NRG PINK – 64”, 65” & 66”

All D3 skis come with an insert hole pattern that accommodate both D3 and HO standard binding plates.


The traditional rubber ski boot is back. Snug, comfortable and durable the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT is what a rubber binding was always meant to be. We have improved the fit, comfort and quality of the Leverage binding. Like our skis, the new LEVERAGE BLACKOUT is built entirely in the USA utilizing only the best materials available.

The LEVERAGE BLACKOUT boots are for the skier looking for a no-nonsense, flexible design that fits very snug, keeping the skier connected to the ski, while still allowing a full 360 degrees of motion to the upper ankle. The best word to use in describing the performance of the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT is “forgiving”. If you have tried hard-shell systems or the new wake-board boot style bindings and found them unforgiving or inconsistent then the all new LEVERAGE BLACKOUT boots may be just what you are looking for. Skiers seeking more lateral support and a stiffer upper ankle design see our T-Factor front lace binding.

In keeping with D3’s “performance first” philosophy we use only screen printed graphics on the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT. Using molded rubber or plastic accoutrements as graphic elements can limit a bindings ability to stretch. For this reason we have stayed away from flashy graphics and have focused on a clean, screen printed, all black look.

The LEVERAGE BLACKOUT front boot features a new plastic heel cup insert. This insert, while out of sight, provides generous support around the entire lower heel area. In order to adjust the amount of upper ankle control a skier may prefer we have made the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT overlay adjustable. To significantly firm-up the upper ankle of the binding simply adjust the side overlay straps. The tighter they become the more support the skier will feel.

The LEVERAGE BLACKOUT binding does not have laces. Our new overlay design features a generous opening making the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT easy to get into. Each toe and heel rubber feature a sewn, padded, nylon strap handle which also facilitates easy entry and provides the ultimate in durability.

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