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ALL NEW FOR 2017, D3 is proud to introduce the ARC Slalom.
The new ARC (ADVANCED ROCKER & CONCAVE) slalom ski is the culmination of a two-year project to design and develop a ski that offers the ultimate in slalom ski performance.  Denny, Will, Nate & the crew basically started with a fresh canvas on this project to try and take an totally fresh look at ski width, rocker and concave, existing shapes, new shapes, what works, and what doesn’t.  The end result is the all new ARC which Denny and his team feel is the greatest slalom ski design in the history of any Denny Kidder brand. No gimmicks, no gadgets, just the perfect ski with the perfect shape.

Nate Smith- on his new ARC, “ With the ARC, I am confident that increasing my World Record at 43 is only a matter of time …”


Key Features on the all new D3 ARC Slalom: 

* Natural Radius Rocker Profile- Creates a tight radius turn that starts with ease and finishes completely.

* Aggressive Concave Depth- Allows the ARC to grab powerful angle and cross course hold; giving the skier the ability to add direction thru the wakes. The result- a ski that is faster and earlier to the next buoy.

* Wider Forebody- Provides more support and course width without losing speed thru the turn. The ARC casts outbound better than any ski D3 has ever produced.

* Tip to tail bevel design- The bevel assembly of the ARC stays consistent from tip to tail to allow a smooth precise water flow. This keeps the ski moving even when aggresively attacking the shortest line lengths.

* 45/45 Carbon Fiber Laminate Layup- This unique layup allows the ARC to recover from the massive loads of short line turns. This keeps the ARC stable and predictable to maximize cross course direction out of the turns.

* Power Flex Pattern- A flex pattern with unparalleled consistency means the harder you push the ARC the better it responds. 

* Rockerblock R-30- Is standard equipment on all ARC slalom skis. The success of the Rockerblock has carried D3 to World Slalom Records. Its natural radius delivers a complete finish to both the on-side and the off-side turns.

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