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For 2017, Freddy worked with Body Glove to update their jump suits to offer improved protection and support for jumpers of all levels.  The new Nightmare Pro features an all new foam throughout the back area that offers unmatched protection, support all with Body Gloves proven fit!   We ask Freddy about the new suit and key features and functionality of the new suit.

Perfski:    Freddy, obviously you’ve had a suit people have used and loved for years……but like your skiing…you are always looking to refine your equipment.  What are the key differences in this suit over the previous ones?
Freddy:  I'm a big believer that if something isn't broke you shouldn't fix it, but where you can improve you should.  With that in mind we kept the soul of the suit the same and added a new stronger more protective padding to the back.  The new pad, with the arched curve along the lower back allows for maximum flexibility through the core with even more rib and spine protection on the back where the athlete is most likely to take the hardest hit.  At Body Glove we know that the fit and comfort of the suit is vital, but if a jump suit doesn't protect the athlete from hard falls and float them appropriately its not going to be a Body Glove.  Merging the fit and comfort of the suit with even more protection has been a journey to find just the right materials.

Perfski:    What will a skier feel different in this new suit when they try it on…
Freddy:     The fit and finish of the suit is superb, and athletes will immediately feel the extra support and protection of the new back pad.   After you wear the suit 3 or 4 times you will find the padding is molding to your body and holding your shape on a hanger.  Its a bit like a new baseball glove, you'll need to break it in and let the suit mold to the shape of your body much like a glove learns the curves of your hand.  I actually wrapped a strap around my new suit and curved the back padding while it hung on the hanger for a couple of nights and now its the most comfortable suit I've ever owned.

Perfski:    What do you feel this suit will offer skiers better than other suits on the market.?
Freddy:   I don't think any other jump suit has spent as much time and effort on the safety and protection aspect of our sport.  I see a lot of athletes wearing other jump suits that are having to wear additional padding or motocross gear to help protect themselves.  At Body Glove we built the suit from day one with maximum protection in mind so when you are attacking the ramp, your not having to wonder if your suit will protect you.

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