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2013 Liquid Force S4 134cm SALE

Pro Tour Champion and “Wake Brother” Phillip Soven is a contest machine. It’s what he was built for, it’s what he loves, and it’s what he excels at. This is the board that has helped him get to the top. The S4 is super quick from rail to rail and features a progressive 3-stage rocker for explosive wake hits. The high end performance is there for those in need but don’t let it scare you away. Phil’s boards have what we call a “user friendly” performance feel. Even the top pro needs a bit of forgiveness on the wake to help land their toughest tricks. Whether your tough trick is a 1080 or a 180, you’ll be digging the extra love this board gives.
Quad V Hull, Double Concave
Faster rail to rail, extra lift, softer landings
Low Volume Rails
Low volume equals, faster, better holding rails. Rail flex at end for more drive out of turns.
Center Line Single Vent
The vent detaches water flow across center line at the end of the board for increased speed.
Deep Molded Long Base Side Fins / Shallow Molded Inside Blade Fins
Long base for superior hold at speed... cutaway trailing edge for quicker release off the wake. Shallow blades at the top of inside V, control water flow through inside concave for more control.
Progressive, Three Stage Rocker

Item Name CLOSEOUT Price Size Quantity  
2013 Liquid Force S4 134 $219.99

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